Sunday, 7 August 2011

It's been a while - Healthy Eating

Ignoring the delay between getting this post done and my previous one, I shall now continue on with this week's topic of healthy eating. Or at least, eating so you don't deteriorate into a blubbering mess by the end of your first semester.

First up, hydration. Believe it or not, anything with alcoholic content isn't a suitable replacement for good ol' H2O (or water for all your chemically illiterate tards). Our body's about 70% made up of the stuff, and if it drops below that average a bit too much, you're gonna start feeling some pretty gnarly effects. Headaches, lethargy, and physical effects such as dry skin, unpleasant urination odours, etc. If you drink your water regularly, you'll be off to a headstart on a somewhat healthy lifestyle already. People say to drink two litres of water per day to replace what fluids you've lost, but I personally have always struggled to pull that off.

It's not impossible, but a) You'll be pissing like a warhorse and b) water tends to become a bit boring tasting after half a glass. So, mix it up a bit. Buy yourself a powdered container of Gatorade/Powerade/wtf ever you call it, and add that to a class or bottle of water every now and then. Because not only are you replacing important fluids, but you're buffing yourself up with electrolytes and salts that you've lost through your daily sweat.

Second of all. It's really not that much of a struggle to get up from whatever you're doing and take 15 minutes to prepare a decent meal for the day. Two minute noodles, whilst good for a quick fix, are terrible for consistent use as a meal (dinner, lets say). Noodles and any other sort of pasta are full of carbohydrates, and whilst carbs are definitely necessary, too much of them and your body will begin to very quickly store it as fat. So don't live off just pasta on a daily basis. Put some sort of vegetable in there. Shredded carrot, onion. Whatever. Just try to balance out a meal.

Protein and iron are found in stuff like eggs, bacon, STEAK (ohgod yes) and most other meats. As I said previously though, all in moderation. Try to mix it up a bit.

Eating take away every two or three nights is going to send you down lethargy lane very quickly. Not to mention your skin will produce unhealthy amounts of oil and begin to kill off your complexion. And in the end, it's much cheaper to plan your meals the week before, and do a shop for all things necessary for said meals. You'll feel a lot better about yourself as well.

That's the basics generally covered in a quick, readable manner. I'll be putting a link at the end of this that I've found insanely useful for not only further tips for healthy eating, but working out a regime that's actually improved my fitness as well.

Protips for the week:

1. Lethargy is your biggest lifestyle enemy for study. Sleep doesn't always fix it, and besides, if you sleep too much, you lose precious study/drinking time. It's basically your body complaining that you're lacking certain nutrients, so find out what's been lacking in your meals and fix that shit right up.

2. Whenever you're walking/up and about anywhere, try tensing your stomach muscles for long periods of time. This is a surefire way to tone your stomach down, and the visible effects are quickly noticeable if you're eating right. Sure, your stomach may be aching a bit, but that's a good sign. Sure, you may forget often, but develop a little method of reminding yourself. ie. put a postit note up above your computer, or on the back of your door. You'll develop the habit quickly, and you'll feel much better about yourself.

Now, for that link...

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