Tuesday, 19 July 2011

So apparently like totally

Blogger won't let me post the body of my work on chrome. It's weird as fuck, and quite frankly, annoying.

Could be cookies, could be the browser itself. Whatever.

Blue, brown, swirlies, sparklies, and ponies = The new and improved Utterly Ending.

Also, I've learned a very important thing today. There is a never-ending war of wits and mental stamina between you and your mother. She has the advantage of raising you for however many years, but you have the growing strength of living in the now.

Have a Potter Porter.


  1. i never liked chrome, whats so bad about firefox-works ok for me.

  2. chrome is a very good browser fast,good design and it´s very reliable!

  3. Every browser has its quirks... just have to work through them and try to be compatible for all.

  4. Finnaly something interesting to see in the internet! congrats for the post! + follower

  5. I personally like Chrome better than firefox. Firefox just leaks too much memory for my taste.